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Long-Term Volunteer/Staff Application Form

Thank you for applying at YWAM Ships Philippines! This for is for you to proceed with your application with us. If you have any questions, please do not reply to this email. Contact us directly at volunteer@ywamshipsphilippines.org

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      If you do not have a pastor, please let us know in the Pastor's Reference Email box.

    • Memorandum and Agreements

      Please know that once we receive your application, there will be a few more agreements to confirm your time with us.

      YOUTH WITH A MISSION Ships Philippines (YSP) is an international Christian organization that invites people who are dedicated to the purpose of becoming Members (volunteers) of the Organization. It is expected that Volunteer Members freely and voluntarily contribute their labor and talents to YSP’s effort to carry the Great Commission. With that, the individual below, applies to become a Volunteer Member YSP. He/She understands the pattern of discipline, structure and authority within the community which he/she hereby agrees to submit to. YSP is an international movement of Christians from many denominations, presenting the Gospel personally to mobilize, train and equip believers in fulfilling the Great Commission. It is understood that the Volunteer member will cover his/her own ministry expenses and personal support. The Volunteer Member shall have no authority to enter into any contract or obligation on behalf of YSP. This agreement between YSP and the applicant has been entered into after prayerful consideration